Methyl Ethyl Ketone Weekly Report 21 Nov. 2022

  • 2023-01-11
  • Gavan
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  On November 18, the production profit value of methyl ethyl ketone enterprises was -140 yuan/ton, which was 12.50% higher than that on November 11.

  On November 21, the demand in the domestic MEK market was sluggish. The East China MEK market closed at 8,600 yuan/ton, 100 yuan/ton decreased; the South China market closed at 9,100 yuan/ton, 100 yuan/ton decreased.


  At the beginning of this week, factory quotations were stable, and most of the holders followed the market to trade. However, due to the continued weak demand, traders mainly shipped, and the transaction volume of large orders was not much.

  In mid-November, the RMB exchange rate rose sharply, from 7.32 to the highest point of 7.01 at the beginning of last week, and the prices of bulk products and chemical products increased accordingly.

  However, since the end of last week, due to the sluggish demand for downstream purchases and the news of a strong US dollar raising interest rates, the RMB exchange rate began to fall sharply. As of November 22, 2022, the exchange rate has fallen to around 7.15.


  The short-term sharp fluctuation of the RMB exchange rate has a greater impact on exports, and the export price last week was higher than that of other countries in Asia. With the correction of the RMB exchange rate and the decline of market prices, it is expected that the price of methyl ethyl ketone in China will regain its advantage in the coming week.


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