Review of Butanone Market in 2022

  • 2022-12-29
  • Gavan
  • 1

Judging from the market trend this year, at the beginning of the year, due to the weak supply and demand in the market, the market was in a state of shock and instability. However, since March, due to the strong support of the export market, the market has risen sharply. In May, with the restart of the pre-installation, the market turned downward. In August, as the price of C4 after the raw material ether rose successively, the price of butanone factories gradually increased. In October, some factories lowered prices to arrange inventory, and the market price of butanone was close to the cost line.

In 2022, the domestic butanone market will fall back quickly after surging, and the price will fluctuate greatly. It is expected that the butanone market will hardly have an upward trend in the short term, and the price still has a downside risk.


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